3 Shocking Thoughts in 10 Minutes

It is almost 11 am on Friday morning. I stay up late on Thursday nights because going to work on Friday is optional for me. So I got up about a half hour ago. Within the last 10 minutes I had three disturbing thoughts come at me.

  1. Alcohol (picturing vodka in a glass in particular) would make this day go better. The anxiety would go away within moments and I would be able to focus and get through the day.
  2. (While reading a blog) I heard my head say to me: You are not a blogger. You have nothing to say to people. You don’t know how to write a blog of substance. No one needs to read what you put out there. Other people are already saying it and saying it better.
  3. (While reading the same blog which happened to be about anxiety and worldly concerns) the thought came to me that I might as well kill myself.

That is how fast negative thoughts come into our minds. AND OH SUCH HORRIBLE THOUGHTS!

Now these weren’t the only thoughts I had during those 10 minutes. My mind is very active this morning. But I am grateful that I caught the awareness of these thoughts. Having recognized them I can take them captive or turn them over to God. I can surrender them and my moods throughout the day and ask for additional help from the Father.

These thoughts are so strong in particular that I am 90% sure they are a demonic attack.

What I know to do is to praise God.
Get on my knees literally or metaphorically and submit these thoughts to Him.
Acknowledge I am not in control and this is not my battle.

Today I will not give in to these thoughts. I will get a grip and move forward with my God surrounding me and encouraging me to move forward in my life and my recovery. I will, intentionally, be gentle with myself so that I do not feed into thoughts 1 & 3 above. I will ask and seek what I can learn from this and how I can help others.

All the Best~Kate

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  1. Reblogged this on Encouraging-Grace and commented:

    Here is something I just posted on my more personal blog. I’m having a lot of anxiety this morning with rapid thoughts of things I cannot control. In the midst of this chaotic thinking came a few thoughts that grabbed my attention.


      1. Yay! Thank you! It was a super fun day. I brought cookies to work and to yoga class, and my yoga teacher and I had a nice discussion after class. 🙂 ❤


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